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    How do I get a free quote?

    We make your free quote easy. All we really need to get started are your wall measurements.

    Don’t know how to take them?

    No problem! Send a few pictures of your kitchen space and a picture of each wall that has cabinets to and we will guide you through. Once we get your pictures with measurements we will start the 3D design process which will give us a list of the cabinets and components required to complete your project.

    Is your price quote accurate?

    Yes! To the penny! When we do quotes we itemize every cabinet and component to be transparent about what you will get so as to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding. It will also allow you to change things and still be in control of the price.

    Does it including a 3D design?

    Yes! Our quote includes a 3D design that we are willing to share in the store only. Our design team is very professional and invests a lot of time in producing such work. In order to own the design you will be required to pay a retainer towards your purchase. Otherwise you can view it free on our software.